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2022 Archive

Fisher Space Systems LLC

Viper Rocket Trike

Fisher, J.F., 2007, Space Track Launch System
Fisher, J.F., 2009, Space Track Launch System - Second Stage Requirements
Fisher, J.F., 2010, Space Track Launch System - Overcarriage
Fisher, J.F., 2010, Space Track Launch System - Counterweights
Fisher, J.F., 2011, Space Track Launch System - Tower
Fisher, J.F., 2011, Space Track Launch System (Updated Oct 2011)
Fisher, J.F., 2012, Space Track Launch System - Tower (Updated Jan 2012)
Fisher, J.F., 2012, STLS Flexible Ribbon Model
Fisher, J.F., 2012,Space Track Launch System - Proof of Concept System
Fisher, J.F., 2013, Proof of Concept System - Addendum A - Tower Construction
Fisher, J.F., 2014, Proof of Concept System - Addendum B - Guy Wires for Tall Towers
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Updated May 2023
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Fisher, J.F., 2018, Phoenix Rocket Glider
Fisher, J.F., 2018, Phoenix Space Glider

Dry Mud Desert, Aako
Streets, MaClean
Jepes Flame, Jepe
Pocket Star, Author Unavailable
Army Vehicles, Bricabrake
Private Jet C !Classic, Perry-walinga
Rotor Heads Gdds76 Helicopter, DarMatter
BWC Skies, Daz3d
i13 Warehouse, John Holding
Blue Planet, Aako
Stone Texture Building Kit, Unavailable
Aircraft Deck, mely3D
Above the Clouds, Marshian
Fisher, J.F., 2021, HTP/PLA/KMnO4 Hybrid Rocket Engine
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Genesis 2


Newport Outfit for Genesis, Daz3d
Mars Explorer for Genesis, Midnight-Stories
Lumberjack for Genesis 2, MEC4D
Surfs Up for Genesis 2, Daz3d
Renders in Daz Studio 4.15 Pro