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Fisher Space Systems LLC
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Bealeton, VA 22712
United States
      I believe the time is right for a privately owned and operated spacecraft. It will have to be safe, reliable, and inexpensive. If a suborbital launch vehicle can be made simple enough and inexpensive (e.g., the cost of a light single engine aircraft), then future astronauts could own, operate, and maintain their own suborbital spacecraft.
     In this update, I've introduced my rocketship, the Viper Rocket Trike. The Viper Rocket Trike (RT) is a single place ground launched VTHL rocket glider. It is powered by a pressure fed hydrogen peroxide/polylactic acid (HTP/PLA) hybrid rocket motor. At altitude, it deploys an inflatable paraglider for return to launch site and will have a backup parachute for emergencies. The pilot will experience three minutes of thrust, several minutes of zero gravity, and 14 minutes of glide. The pilot will have full control of the launch, free fall, glide, and landing. It will be completely reusable.
     It is my intention to market the ground launched rocket glider. I believe there is a market for privately owned, operated, and maintained suborbital launch vehicles. As I also believe there are many people that feel as I feel and have a desire to launch into space. I will introduce general aviation for space or spaciation.

Fisher Space Systems LLC

Viper Rocket Trike

Jerry F. Fisher, President and CEO
Fisher Space Systems, LLC
1981, BS Physics, Purdue University
1986, MS Nuclear Science, Air Force Institute of Technology
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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
- Leonardo da Vinci
Updated May 2021
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