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Fisher Space Systems LLC

Phoenix Rocket Glider

"Once you reach low earth orbit, you're half-way to anywhere in the solar system."
- R. A. Heinlein

      I believe the time is right for a privately owned and operated spacecraft. It will have to be safe, reliable, and inexpensive. The Phoenix RG is a single place ground launched VTHL rocket glider. It is powered by a pressure fed hydrogen peroxide/E85 rocket engine. At altitude, it deploys an inflatable paraglider for return to launch site and will have a backup parachute for emergencies. The pilot will experience three minutes of thrust, several minutes of zero gravity, and 14 minutes of glide. The pilot will have full control of the launch, free fall, glide, and landing.
- Jerry F. Fisher, President and CEO, Fisher Space Systems, LLC
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Copyright (c) 2011 Jerry F Fisher
Updated Mar 2018
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The Phoenix Rocket Glider (RG) is a single place manned ground launched rocket glider. The Phoenix RG will launch from a ground based launch site, boost under thrust for 2-3 minutes, coast to an altitude from 25-50 km, reenter, and land on a runway using an inflated paraglider. Total flight time is about 17 minutes. The mass estimate for the Phoenix RG is approximately 7143 kg.
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